Branding: starts and ends with a name

When trying to think of an identify or brand, there were a couple things I was adamant about wanting it to accomplish;  I wanted it to be/sound like a person’s name, I wanted it to be personal to me, and I wanted it to convey something specific. Most importantly, i wanted it to standalone… the playful and the past colliding for something great

So, to think of a brand as an actual person and stand alone, it really can be anything you want, but must convey something specific. I wanted something that would transcend my current scope of work and experience into parts unknown. I wanted it to evoke a feeling of familiarity, but yet be in fact new.  I imagined a long-standing family name passed through generations and how each version/person is given a nickname. You see 5th generations somehow acquire shortened versions that sound almost playful like Kitty, Gigi, Marge, CeCe, etc….. There always seems to be a juxtaposition with such names and the family given last name which seems to be omnipresent and robust; McDonald, McDeaver, Kennedy, Vanderbilt, Flagler.

Lulu is a nickname for Lindsey, or Lindsey Lu. McClain is a family name passed down 4 generations. It was my father and brother’s middle name, but both are now diseased. My brother would have been 5 years older than me and was born with a heart defect. He only lived for 6 days. We always talked about him growing up and I felt a sense of duty to repeat the name with my potential offspring. I wanted to keep his legacy going, since there are no living male relatives on my father’s side of the family. When I was 22, my father also passed away. So, while McClain wasn’t my given last name, it was one that I felt a strong connection to. It represented a legacy and strength to me. I hope to use McClain in many aspects of my life, but for this personal journey towards exploring new paths of growth, it felt right.

in short, a bit of whimsy and a bit of history


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